Monday, March 24, 2014

A Baby Quilt

I have been making quilted creations for a while now, and finally took the plunge and made an actual quilt this week. (a baby/toddler size...but still!)

I decided on a 'Plus' quilt pattern (I used this pattern for the instructions, but scaled it down slightly so my quilt measures 36" x 36"), and this sweet bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics called "Tule".

For the quilt top, I picked these four prints. I used a fat quarter of each print (roughly 21"x18" of each print). It took a bit of creative calculations and math to get just the right number of cuts. I managed to do it with only 2 spare squares of fabric and a few 1" strips of scraps left over! 

Here's the quilt top, laid out. You can see my sketch of the layout next to the fabrics

Once I was happy with the overall look of the top, I pieced it together, row by row; added a layer of Warm and Natural batting, and quilted it in straight lines.

For the backing, I decided to use a soft brushed cotton. I went with the Lattice Print in the Storybook collection from Warp & Weft.

For the binding, I decided on a solid Indigo KONA. I think it really makes the whole quilt *pop*. I normally hand bind all my mug rugs and mini quilts, but decided to try machine binding with this quilt.  I think I quite like it for bigger projects - for the speed as well as the accuracy. I also think it looks much neater over all!

I *really* love how well this little quilt turned out. My toddler loves it already, and has broken it in by using it as a play mat.

(there she bombing in the corner, demanding I put down *her* quilt!)

Hubby is not much into quilts generally, but even he really liked this one. He has already requested that I now make a girly one for our daughter, since this one is on the boyish side (I think its gender neutral!). 

I suppose I better get started on that! 

Do you like quilts? What patterns/color combos are your favourite?


  1. excellent job! Agree, the binding makes it pop
    I love bold & pretty color combos, subtle too...Heck anything that looks good together. Right now I have in the works a sunset themed bargello (20 colors going from cream-yellow-orange-red)

    1. Thank you Fiona!
      20 colors! wow...I would love to see the end result! I bet its going to look absolutely beautiful! :)