Monday, March 24, 2014

A Baby Quilt

I have been making quilted creations for a while now, and finally took the plunge and made an actual quilt this week. (a baby/toddler size...but still!)

I decided on a 'Plus' quilt pattern (I used this pattern for the instructions, but scaled it down slightly so my quilt measures 36" x 36"), and this sweet bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics called "Tule".

For the quilt top, I picked these four prints. I used a fat quarter of each print (roughly 21"x18" of each print). It took a bit of creative calculations and math to get just the right number of cuts. I managed to do it with only 2 spare squares of fabric and a few 1" strips of scraps left over! 

Here's the quilt top, laid out. You can see my sketch of the layout next to the fabrics

Once I was happy with the overall look of the top, I pieced it together, row by row; added a layer of Warm and Natural batting, and quilted it in straight lines.

For the backing, I decided to use a soft brushed cotton. I went with the Lattice Print in the Storybook collection from Warp & Weft.

For the binding, I decided on a solid Indigo KONA. I think it really makes the whole quilt *pop*. I normally hand bind all my mug rugs and mini quilts, but decided to try machine binding with this quilt.  I think I quite like it for bigger projects - for the speed as well as the accuracy. I also think it looks much neater over all!

I *really* love how well this little quilt turned out. My toddler loves it already, and has broken it in by using it as a play mat.

(there she bombing in the corner, demanding I put down *her* quilt!)

Hubby is not much into quilts generally, but even he really liked this one. He has already requested that I now make a girly one for our daughter, since this one is on the boyish side (I think its gender neutral!). 

I suppose I better get started on that! 

Do you like quilts? What patterns/color combos are your favourite?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today's sewing...

I finally got in some sewing time today, and was able to complete this project that's been an idea for a few days now.

I like carrying small bags/purses over a large one. Often this means carrying a wristlet with just some basics,  but I do like organization - a spot for everything. I really really dislike he way everything gets all tumbled and mixed up in a regular wristlet. Also the thing about wristlets .... I like having my hands free, so I prefer crossbody straps on all my bags.

I came up with this idea of an "Organizer Wristlet". I wanted it to be the size of a large clutch/wristlet, with slots for credit cards, bills, a zippered pocket inside for coins or other small items, a hook for keeping my keys in place, and enough room to house my iPhone, and any other essentials I might want to carry. Ofcourse it had to also have a crossbody  strap.

I picked these prints from my GLIMMA bundle from Warp & Weft

...and whipped up this set of "Organizer Wristlet" + mini zippy. Perfect for Spring or Summer :)
(Available for $70.00 plus shipping)

A zippered pocket to hold small items securely, with a roomy slip pocket behind it; and a swivel hook to hold your keys in place.

6 Credit Card slots, that will easily hold 6-12 cards. There's also a cash pocket behind those slots.

 The inside of the mini zippy :) Perfect for a quick grab-and-go.

This set is available for $70.00 plus shipping. Or if you would like a set *just like it* but in different prints, I can custom make you one :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Try something new...

Most of my sewing orders are done 'custom'. Not just previously made items re-made in your fabric choices. I love a challenge, so if you can think of it and describe it to me, I will try to make it for you :)

A couple of weeks ago, a customer approached me with a request for a Tissue Box Cover and a Passport Wallet. I had never made either of those items before, but I have seen them around on different sites. So after a bit of browsing, pattern-drawing, measurements and math, I was ready to get started.

I love this cute fabric from Timeless Treasures. 

It turned out quite well! Fits a regular Kleenex box (200-ct) perfectly! I added a wide elastic band across the bottom to keep the cover securely in place, as this is going to be used in a car :)

For the passport wallet, she specified that she needed a secure zipper pocket that could hold 2 passports, some slots for holding credit cards, travel documentation, airline tickets, etc. 
This is the design I came up with. 

Quilted with cotton batting inside to protect the contents...and a strong (but not too strong) magnetic closure.

Nice and roomy...holds 2 passports side by side in the lined zippered pocket, a small tablet (that is a Google Nexus 7), 2-4 credit cards, earplugs, a pen/pencil, travel documentation/tickets.

I love coming up with my own version of certain items ... as much as I love buying and following patterns, this gives me so much more flexibility to custom make items in any size/style/dimensions.