Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One down...a few more to go

I'm making a small dent in my WIPs pile...slowly but surely!

I finished up these cute little longies this morning (its a 6month size!) Tried out a new finish for the hem called the "butterfly stitch". It turned out so cute! I wish I had done some ruffles on the hem just before the 'butterflies'...maybe next time.

The yarn is Shasta Daisy Knits' "Fall Rainbow" colorway, on MCN DK. Its the same yarn I used to make my toddler's Flax sweater last month.

I have a new favourite hem! You will be seeing this in a *lot* more projects to come  =)

I'm still working away on that table topper, slowly quilting it. Right now it is sitting as a rolled up 'quilt sandwich' (or would that be a quilt wrap? quilt roll?) next to my sewing machine.

I also started on a couple of items for a custom order tonight. For now, I've just cut up all the fabric for the patchwork. I'll put together the blocks, and finish sewing them up over the next couple of days. So watch this space for more WIP updates!

Just a bunch of triangles, squares and rectangles at the moment. Any guesses as to what these will be? :D


  1. You've been a busy girl!! :) Love that funky black & white fabric with the stick people on it! Soo sweet!!

    1. Not as busy as you, my friend!
      I have such a loooong list of items I want to make up :) I really should cut out the distractions and focus focus ;)