Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Soap Dispensary


There's this cute little shop on Main street, in Vancouver, that I've walked past or driven past a few times. I looked them up online a few weeks ago, and was so impressed! 

It's called The Soap Dispensary. The idea is you go in with your own empty bottles, and get refills of a variety of soaps, oil, laundry detergents, natural cleaners for the home, hair and body care products, natural cleaning ingredients like borax or washing soda, sun care lotions, sanitizers, bug repellents, salts, clays, soap making ingredients, solid and liquid oils and butters, herbs.... the list goes on and on.

They sell some really great empty bottles and jars as well --- so if you're plum out, you can always buy one for a few dollars right there. They have clear bottles, as well as the dark amber colored ones. And you can also buy pumps for the bottles - very handy if you're getting refills for lotions or oils.

I went into the store with some very specific needs in  mind. Dr Bronner's Baby Soap, Unscented Eucalan, and pure lanolin. Here's a breakdown of what I spent:

Dr.Bronner's Baby Soap (500 ml)       $7.50 

Unscented Eucalan wash( 500ml)       $9.00

Pure Lanolin (60ml)                         $2.10

TOTAL - REFILL                             $18.60

How does that compare to retail prices?

Dr.Bronner's Baby soap (473 ml)     $14.50

Unscented Eucalan  (500ml)            $12.25

Pure Lanolin (2oz or 59ml)              $ 8.50

TOTAL - RETAIL                             $35.25

That's a 50% savings... just like that!

Here's a pic of my purchase. The Dr.Bronner's bottle was quite full  - the little bit that's missing, is what I used to make a 250ml bottle of baby wash for my little one.


I used about 1/10th of the Dr.Bronner's to make a 250ml bottle of baby wash for my little one. Her washes normally run me about $12/bottle. So this is a significant savings, while still getting something gentle and natural for her. 

The Eucalan will probably last me a couple of years. I only need about 1tsp in 1 gallon of water, so a little goes a really long way. I only wash her woolies once every month or less. 

The lanolin again will last me forever! I need about a pea sized amount to lanolize each time, depending on how many woolies I am doing.

I am so pleased with this little shop! They carry a ton of refillable products - so I know I am definitely going back once I run out of anything else around the house, that this store carries. 

If you live in the Lower Mainland, a trip to The Soap Dispensary is definitely worth it!

Do you have a shop like this near where you live? 

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