Friday, November 22, 2013

It was a yarny kinda week

I started off my week with my personal knitting projects (still in progress). They're going slow ...mostly because I'm usually more motivated when I'm knitting/sewing for an order, than when I am doing so for myself. So my socks and knitting needle case are coming along nice and slow.

In the meantime, a member from a sewing group I belong to, asked if I could knit something with a Celtic theme. It was for her mom's birthday gift. I had just the thing in mind. A Celtic cabled neckwarmer. I have had this pattern saved in my Ravelry library for a while now.

She chose this yarn from what I had available - a KnitPicks Swish Tonal called "Canopy", definitely Celtic!
Canopy 2

The pattern is a fairly easy to follow, knits up amazing, and it really showed off the variations of color in the yarn.



I absolutely love how this neckwarmer turned out. It's in the mail and I hope it gets to the lucky mama soon... Mailing out packages during the holiday rush always makes me a little nervous!

Next up, I have some newborn-sized and 6-9month sized woolies on my list, along with my ever present personal knitting projects.

With that, I'm off for the night. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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