Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Warm that noggin!

The cold weather has certainly crept up on me! It was quite a few days of cool/sunny days and all of a sudden, its COLD! I had to go digging in my closet for my favorite hat! 

Speaking of hats, I tried out a new-to-me pattern by the lovely Lindsay Baker of Family Roots. It's called the Hudson Hat. Such a fun little pattern to knit up! I already have my little one asking me to make her one in pink! (yes honey, I'll get on that).

I made this one for a 1 year old little boy, all wool ofcourse. With a nice big pompom on top of the hat! I hope he likes it. The hat is on its way across the country, so hopefully it gets there soon. 

It's not the best photo unfortunately, but it was the best I could get in the lighting.


I'm working on my 2nd Hudson Hat of the season now... a scrappy one this time, in a newborn size. Can I get an "awwww...." . This time the mama chose a small tassel on the top of the hat. It's going to be so cute! I hope to get good pics of that one as soon as its done :)

That's it from me for today. I'll be back tomorrow with a post about something totally different (ok, may be not *that* different). 

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