Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finished orders :)

I finished and sent off my last order a couple of weeks ago. My high-school friend ordered a custom made waldorf-inspired doll for her little girl, and some mug rugs for herself. 

I had so much fun making these. Apart from picking 2 main fabrics for the mug rugs, she let me have free reign with the designs, the accent colors, shapes and sizes. Maybe too much free reign - I picked and re-picked patterns for a long time!

Here are the 4 completed mug rugs. I have been told that they are being loved and used already :)


Next up, the doll. The little girl picked all the colors for this one - hair, skin, eyes, dress, shoes. I was only too happy to oblige and create the dream doll for her :)

She requested rainbow hair, brown eyes, tan/light skin, and a sweet smile.

Photo 2

Hair that she could dress up, so the doll can grow with her....(this request was made by the mom)

Photo 3

A green dress, and yellow shoes! So I hand-knit a sweet overall skirtie, and crocheted up a pair of boots that could be worn high or folded down halfway...
I also made the little doll a pair of bloomers ;) 

Photo 1 copy

She stands 18.5" tall! Definitely the biggest doll I have made so far.

Photo 2 copy

The best part is that the little girl I made the doll for, LOVED it! I am told the doll has a special sleeping space in her bed, and not with the rest of the toys. This is also the biggest doll the little girl has ever seen - my friend sent me a photo. That big smile, the arms tight around the doll -- that is priceless! 

I hope she gets years of love and play with this officially named Holly! awww!


I just finished up another order - a knitted item. This one is a surprise for one of my reader's daughter. So I won't post about it till after the item has been gifted ;) It was a first for me, so I hope it's well received :) It's all packaged up and heading to the post office very soon!

With that I'm off to get on with my day.

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