Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project recaps, ups and downs.

We had a lazy morning - which is a good thing! I am editing and putting together some photos for a recipe post that I will put up this week.

Other than that, I am also chugging along on my order list :

1. Pincushion for swap: done!! I mailed it out last week and am waiting to hear that it's been received!

2. Pincushion order: I got an order for a patchwork tomato pincushion for an "Alice in wonderland" themed sewing room! Here's what I made --- I quite like how it turned out. What do you think?

3. Pincushion order: I did another pincushion order - a patchwork turtle. He is just too cute! Here he is "at work". Looks like he's getting an acupuncture session. ;)

4.Mug Rugs x  4: quilting done, needs hand binding

5. Doll: parts are done. Need to sew them together and embroider the face. Then the hair!

6. Doll outfit: made some good progress on the knit skirtie. I had to restart it yesterday as the yarn I had picked was just nasty. It was destroying my needles! Let alone the nightmare that it was to knit with. I don't think it was cotton like I initially thought. Going with some squishy soft washable wool now.

I need to make another run to the post office this week. I have about 5 packages to send out! 

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