Friday, September 27, 2013

New month new budget

Recently, we had a discussion on food bills in a Facebook group I am a part of. 

It was really interesting to see the numbers everyone came forward with. The differences in family sizes, ethnic backgrounds, eating & cooking habits/preferences, geographic location, shopping styles ... all seemed to make a difference. But the average came out to around $600-$800/month. 

So over the next month, I will catalog all the meals I prepare - breakfast, lunch, dinner- any snacks, any beverages, take outs, dine-out, everything. I will break down the cost and post how much each serving cost. Let's see how much it really costs (me, personally) in food bills per month. This way, it's a serving cost comparison as opposed to a family cost comparison. That might be a better way to look at things since some families consist of 6 members while others only consist of 3. 

I will, ofcourse, be posting about meals I specifically eat with my dietary restrictions. So they will be gluten/ soy/ peanut/ egg /dairy free, and vegetarian. 
For those of you wondering why I don't just say "vegan", I do consume butter and honey on occasion :)

What I will include in my costing:
All major ingredients - fresh produce, frozen ingredients, canned items, flours, grains, lentils, coffee beans, creamer, herbs, juices, and so on. 

What I will not include in my costing:
Condiments, spices, oils/fats, seasonings, sugar, water, etc. 

Feel free to follow along with your own food bill tracking, or share where you are vs where you want to be on your food bills, and any tips or ideas to help other readers. 

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