Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Mail!

I love buying online for a few reasons. Number ONE being, convenience.

I get to window shop, browse, compare prices, change my mind, all from the comfort and convenience of my home. Ofcourse, there's the added cost of shipping but when you factor in the cheaper price per item online, the cost of hunting for something specific in the local shops, etc, online shopping is way cheaper!

Sometimes, I'll make a purchase online, then forget about it in the next day or so. When the package comes in the mail, its such a happy surprise! It's an even better surprise when it comes beautifully packaged!!

This is my recent purchase of some zipper charms from an Etsy store called Tonic and Lime Designs.

All I specified for my order was what I did not like, and my order was *perfect*! I could not have imagined a more perfect selection of charms to match my fabrics.

I can't wait to add these to a couple of new projects :) I will definitely be buying more from them!

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