Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning!

Good Morning!

Its been a busy weekend. I had a long list of sewing to get done, but life got in the way ;)  I'm still waiting on my fabric order, so I can't get started on a big chunk of my orders. I wish there was a "Lens Mills" type place close to me so I could just go pick up all my supplies!

Here's my sewing to-do list once my supplies get in:

  • 2 Mug Rug orders in "Hello Sunshine Yellow Birds"
  • 2 Mug Rug orders in "Hello Sunshine Red Birds"
  • 1 Mug Rug + Coffee Sleeve set order in "Hello Sunshine Red Birds
  • 1 Mug Rug + Coffee Sleeve set order in Purple / Aqua batik prints
  • 1 18" Waldorf-inspired doll 
  • 1 complete outfit for said doll

Oh well... it was not a total write off however. I don't normally find time to sew something for myself, and I did get to make myself a sleeve for my iPad. And its gorgeous!! If I may say so myself :)

The outer fabric is Alexander Henry's *Koto - Ancient City* print (no longer in production, sadly). I love love love this fabric, and got it from a super awesome friend in a fabric swap. This print was a complete surprise to me and I love it to bits! 

The lining inside the sleeve (and the pocket) is Heather Bailey's *Welcome Road in Olive*. 

I think I'm going to buy some cute fabrics today - saw some amazing prints on Etsy that I simply must have! =D

That's it from my end today.


  1. Just beautiful, Shruti!! :) I love the fabric as well... it's gorgeous! You did a wonderful job with the iPad case!