Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I won!

Ok, so this post is coming a little late. Earlier this summer, Harper Collins Canada's facebook page asked their fans to tell them what we "liked" about their page. I responded and they liked me response so much, they sent me one of their awesome mugs! 

I absolutely *love* it!!  

Have you visited Harper Collins Canada's facebook page? 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A package, some goodies and a list.

My supplies order from Connecting Threads is finally here! 

Hobb's Heirloom 100% cotton batting

A Flying Geese ruler (I just needed an excuse to get it... ;)  )

Some gorgeous batik prints with co-ordinating solids,

Some neutral solids,

A few gorgeous matching threads....

And my list for this weekend:
  • 1 Mug Rug + Coffee Sleeve set in "Hello Sunshine Red Birds"
  • 1 Mug Rug + Coffee Sleeve set order in Purple / Aqua batik prints
  • 1 Turtle Pin Cushion --- oh my goodness this one is going to be cute!
  • 1 pin cushion for a swap in my sewing group
If I do well on my time, I might be able to sneak in some sewing time for a new project... or two!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning!

Good Morning!

Its been a busy weekend. I had a long list of sewing to get done, but life got in the way ;)  I'm still waiting on my fabric order, so I can't get started on a big chunk of my orders. I wish there was a "Lens Mills" type place close to me so I could just go pick up all my supplies!

Here's my sewing to-do list once my supplies get in:

  • 2 Mug Rug orders in "Hello Sunshine Yellow Birds"
  • 2 Mug Rug orders in "Hello Sunshine Red Birds"
  • 1 Mug Rug + Coffee Sleeve set order in "Hello Sunshine Red Birds
  • 1 Mug Rug + Coffee Sleeve set order in Purple / Aqua batik prints
  • 1 18" Waldorf-inspired doll 
  • 1 complete outfit for said doll

Oh well... it was not a total write off however. I don't normally find time to sew something for myself, and I did get to make myself a sleeve for my iPad. And its gorgeous!! If I may say so myself :)

The outer fabric is Alexander Henry's *Koto - Ancient City* print (no longer in production, sadly). I love love love this fabric, and got it from a super awesome friend in a fabric swap. This print was a complete surprise to me and I love it to bits! 

The lining inside the sleeve (and the pocket) is Heather Bailey's *Welcome Road in Olive*. 

I think I'm going to buy some cute fabrics today - saw some amazing prints on Etsy that I simply must have! =D

That's it from my end today.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Some custom eye masks...

Happy Friday!

I had a successful sewing night last night. I made three custom eye masks - complete with quilting, adjustable Velcro straps and backed with super soft cotton velour. 

I still have a long list of orders to get to, but this was a good start. Right? =D

Three custom eye masks, ready to head home to their owners! So squishy soft, and perfect for a relaxing snooze :)

This one uses fabric from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom collection. The print is called "Chrysanthemum". 

...and backed with a lovely lime green cotton velour. 

This one uses Michael Miller's "Toot Toot" print for the front...

...and a gorgeous, vibrant orange cotton velour for the back.

And finally, possibly my personal favorite. The fabric is Timeless Treasures "Boy Meets Girl"...

 ...and a soft lilac cotton velour for the back. 

All three have an adjustable Velcro strap. I made the straps extra long, so the owner can cut it down to their perfect size!

Next time, I will make an encased elastic - easy on/off for those highly interrupted naps for us mommies :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

TGI Thursday !

Thursday is my favorite day of the week - it's my "Friday" and it means I have 4 days off before I go back to work. 4 days to work on orders, and other personal projects!

I spent some money today on supplies for a couple of new projects - hardware for wristlets and some custom made zipper pulls! I can't wait to get my goodies in the mail and show you.

Tonight, I am working on a new-to-me quilt block.  Here's a quick sneak peek

....and on a custom order

What do you think of the colors?
There are so many little pieces here that go together - I'm going slow so I get it just right!

Finished photos tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On my sewing desk...

This past week has been a blur. We've all been off work, but busier than usual enjoying the beautiful weather. 

I have received a few orders and need to start working on them - as soon as the fabric arrives in the mail! 

On my list for this week:
  • a Waldorf-inspired doll, complete with hand-knit skirty overalls, undies and felt boots
  • 4 Mug Rugs for a custom order (waiting on fabrics)
  • 2 Mug Rug / Coffee Sleeve sets for a custom order (waiting on fabrics)
  • 3 sleep masks for a custom order
I think that's it!